ISSBA Recommends Online Shopping

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Issba Recommends Getting Your Window Treatments Online

Shopping for anything online is a great way to score the latest styles while still saving money.

For those who are unaware, you can actually get your window treatments by shopping online.

The biggest benefit to this is the savings. You will save on average about 25-45% from the price you are quoted by your local window treatment dealer.

These savings are enough to make a difference in anybody’s pockets.

Another big benefit to online shopping is the selection. Since most regular stores have a limit for their inventory, they can’t carry every style available.

They have to select and carry the most popular styles. With an online retailer, you get to shop the best selection at the best possible prices. For example, check out blinds milwaukee , blinds baltimore , blinds indianapolis , blinds lincoln , blinds nashville , blinds wichita and blinds to go. More blinds can be found by clicking on levolor , bali blinds , blinds mesa , blinds santa ana , blinds denver , window blinds chicago and blinds buffalo. You might need to see more and if you do go to blinds houston , blinds minneapolis , blinds Fort Lauderdale , and window treatment ideas.

So think about this if you are in the market for window coverings.

ISSBA Real Estate

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ISSBA Real Estate recommends all kinds of upgrades to increase the value of your home. You can redo your kitchen or purchase new appliances. That will increase the value of your home. One way you can increase the value of your home without spending too much money is by purchasing and installing new window treatments. You can swap out the old window treatments with new ones and that will immediately increase the value of your home or apartment. One very popular non-expensive option for this is solar blinds. This type of window blind is great because you can find them for very affordable prices everywhere. They will actually add value immediately because they reduce the amount of heat that enters the room. This means that you can turn your ac low and save money on your light bill.

Are Motorized Shades & Blinds The Future?

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It used to be that you could only control blinds by hand. Well, that has changed over the last several years and will continue to do so. The future is in motorization.

What is motorization? Well it basically means installing a motor on your blind or shade. The motor will control the blind or shade and operate it without you having to use any of your energy.

Motorized blinds are gaining popularity and will definitely be the future because they are so convenient and easy to operate. One good feature of motorized blinds is that you aren’t limited when it comes to fabric choices.

You can motorize a solar shade the same way you would motorize a blackout shade. So are you asking how do I get window blinds for your home? Well go online they have wood blinds best price and patio door blinds cheap. If not get to solar screen shades compare prices and see, they have blackout window blinds for sale and motorized electric blinds for sale online. The main window shades on line like their roman blinds reviews for you to look at or see if they have a bamboo blinds sale.  Decorative prints and exotic patterns can also be motorized. The future is looking very bright for motorized blinds and as more people learn about their benefits, their popularity will only increase. So make sure you check out motorized blinds.

How To Easily Measure For Your Window Blinds

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Measuring for Window Blinds is an easy process if you know what rules to follow and you have the right tools for the job.

Let’s start with the tools needed first. The first thing you should have is a metal measuring tape.

Then you should have some paper and a pen. Start by measuring for the width. You should measure at the top, middle, and bottom of the window. Write down the lowest number first.

This is the width that you should order. Now do the same for the height measuring left, right, and middle. Like this you can measure for any blinds including these window treatments that include wood blinds and a vertical blind. Moreover, you can measure for shades like these room darkening blinds and motorized solar shades. If anything you will not have to measure for a roller blind like these discount roman shades and bamboo window shades.

In this case, write down the largest number. Now that you have the numbers, make sure they are correct by double checking.

It is extremely important to measure correctly so that the window blinds fit your window without any issue. Also remember that you should specify if you want to mount the shades inside the window frame or not.

Why Real Estate Is My Real Passion

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Real EstateGrowing up, I always had an interest in real estate.

With a father in the business, I thought for sure I’d end up being a real estate agent once I grew up. But time passed, times changed and so did I, now I am a teacher.

I teach 2nd grade to a group of kids that I always love each year. I just had a website done for my kids, I had it done by Prime Online Solutions Inc. a Miami based web design company. I was looking for a website developer and found them online. Or go to for more. See more wood blinds at  However that real estate business aspect keeps calling my name.

So I’ve decided to follow that desire. During this summer, I have made it a goal of mine to research about real estate and become an agent within the next year.

I know it will be hard to manage to totally different professions, but even though I love teaching, I also love being in the bizz, making deals and selling homes!! One great thing to add to just about any home are roller shades because they look great with kitchen cabinets, go to this site The Prime You can get blinds for windows from these guys like blackout window shades and also sun shades for windows. Just about any type of cheap blinds that is a roller or window shade can be made in just about any color, which give you unlimited options. For the best solar shades or blackout blinds be sure to visit them. They have great motorized blinds and roller blinds of all kinds. My favorite are roman shades or bamboo shades too.

So I just want to ask you all for your prayers and good luck along this new venture that I am embarking on. I will keep you guys up to date with how the process of my studying is going for licensure . My husband ( which we are getting remarried soon I just got my bridal dress at and the dresses look amazing!) is fully supporting this decision, and well my real estate father is of course ready to take me under his wing to teach me all of his little secrets and tactics. By the way, if you want more information on this plus size wedding dress site check them out here  Also, if you have friends that need bridesmaid dresses click here